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A family story…

Accessing a full swath of symphonic sounds, Randy Hale composes BirthSongs for families, individuals, and groups interested in exploring their connections through the power and presence of sound.

A unique way to celebrate family history, a one-of-a-kind wedding or baby shower gift, or a means to honor any cherished relationship, BirthSongs are a wonderful tribute to personal connections and an expression of devotion to the people we love.

BirthSongs have been commissioned to celebrate unity in families, bring disparate groups together, and build common bond within fragile relationships. A testament to the power of music, BirthSong Projects are customized to individual needs and can include immediate family members, extended family, or even business relationships.

Time Was

The Background

Intuitively we understand the healing powers of music and sound. But is it possible, each of us has our own song that helps us access and understand the authentic self we were born with? Ancient traditions teach that we do.

Based on wisdom teachings from Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, the BirthSong Project combines the teachings of the Cherokee Aniyunwiwa and Tibetan Buddhist Drikung Kagyu and Nyingma traditions. Using the birth dates of individuals as a starting point, the BirthSong Project empowers and transforms our intuitive sense of healing into sounds that embrace our life.

Each composition is unique. Each composition reflects the personality and character of the people involved.


BirthSongs are full orchestrated, deeply complex musical presentations. Approximately eleven minutes in length, each piece will be presented on audio CD. A presentation for your family or group by live musicians can be arranged for an additional fee.

A family or group of four individuals: $7,500

Additional family members or individuals: $750 per person up to seven additional dates.

If the group goes beyond eleven individuals, the fee is: